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 Dr. Raquel Martin

This should say Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Professor, & Scientist

We are only as educated as the narratives that are shared and I am on a mission to radically re-imagine Black possibility by promoting Black mental wealth as key to legacy-building and longevity for generations to come.

Bio :

Dr. Raquel Martin is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist, devoted professor, scientist, professional speaker, and content creator who believes deeply in the power of Black mental wealth – an affirming, lifelong journey that encourages Black people to center mental health practices as integral and intentionally linked to success and wellbeing. Dr. Martin is on a mission to radically reimagine Black possibility by promoting Black mental health as key to legacy-building and longevity for generations to come. 

As a mom, partner, mentor, and a Black woman navigating racism, gender bias and oppression, she embraces the importance of protecting mental health. Dr. Martin is publicly transparent with her own experiences and vulnerabilities because she knows that “healing in public helps those who need to heal in private.” 

Clients and students alike attest that Dr. Martin’s accessible approach to mental health is much-needed and critical to building a movement of proactive and empowered individuals who value the relationship with themselves first and understand how to truly thrive. 

When Dr. Martin speaks, it’s time to listen. Her leadership, expertise and voice are vital to truly protecting Black lives and redefining what it means to live well. Dr. Martin is also the host of the Mind Your Mental podcast and a highly sought-after and renowned public speaker with a rapidly-growing and engaged following. 

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Martin Psychological Services, Professional LLC:

Our brand is a beacon of courage, compassion, and collaboration, joining forces with educational, corporate, non-profit, and governmental bodies to address minority health disparities. Through our workshops, consultations, and content, we aim to free individuals and communities from the bonds of mental health disparities, transforming not just in word but in impactful action. We're more than a company; we're a movement toward a more inclusive and equitable society, championing well-being and equity. We empower silenced voices, advocating for change. Join our story where liberation and social change converge for a brighter future.

Mind Ya Mental Podcast

We also offer a podcast where we discuss various topics related to mental health and well-being within the black community. Our podcast features experts, professionals, and individuals with lived experiences who share their insights, tips, and stories.


we also have a blog where we publish articles, personal stories, and informative content related to mental health and well-being in the black community. Our blog covers a wide range of topics and aims to provide valuable resources, insights, and support for our readers.

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