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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

Offer workshops on microaggressions, racial identity development, and the psychological impact of systemic racism in the workplace.

Mental Health Support

Advise on creating supportive environments for Black employees, addressing issues like racial battle fatigue or the effects of microaggressions.

Recruitment and Retention

Consult on strategies to attract and retain Black talent, emphasizing mental health support and anti-oppressive practices.

Counseling & Clincial Centers
Culturally Competent Therapy Training

Train therapists in culturally adapted therapies, addressing racial trauma, and integrating strength-based approaches.

Program Development

Help centers develop group therapy programs or support groups that focus on Black mental health or anti-racist healing.

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Educational Institutions
Teacher and Staff Training

Workshops on understanding the psychological effects of systemic racism on Black students, addressing microaggressions in classrooms, and fostering inclusive environments.

Curriculum Audits

Review and suggest changes to school curriculums to ensure they're culturally sensitive and anti-oppressive.

Student Support

Advise on creating mental health programs tailored to the needs of Black students, including counseling by services, support groups, and more.

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Healthcare Institutions
Cultural Competency Training

Educate healthcare providers on the unique mental health challenges faced by the Black community and offer strategies to provide culturally competent care.

Policy Recommendations

Work with healthcare management to develop policies that promote equity in care and address systemic barriers.

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Government and Policy Bodies
Policy Advocacy

Consult on policies that address racial disparities in mental health outcomes and access.

Community Programs

Advise on the development of community-based mental health initiatives that cater specifically to Black individuals and families.

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