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Hello! I am Dr. Raquel Martin. I am passionate about empowering and educating individuals about mental health, anti-racism, Black identity development, and health disparities & inequities. As a licensed clinical psychologist, professor, and scientist, I have had the opportunity to build knowledge in a variety of areas related to health and well-being. Each of my roles provides me with a unique perspective that helps me engage with others in a meaningful way.


As a researcher and writer, I am able to contribute to the growing narrative about mental health disparities, racial identity, and trauma-based interventions. My roles as a podcast host and professional speaker provide me with the opportunity to reach a wider audience and educate them about the importance of therapy, mental health, and the intersection of culture and wellbeing. I specialize in discussing the intricacies of the Black experience, trauma-based interventions, coordinating community resources, and coalition building. Finally, my position as a professor grants me the roles of mentor, educator, and advocate for the next generation of clinicians.

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