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Dr. Raquel Martin is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist, devoted professor, acclaimed researcher and scientist who believes deeply in the power of Black mental wealth – an affirming, lifelong journey that encourages Black people to center mental health practices as integral and intentionally linked to success and wellbeing. 


Dr. Martin is on a mission to radically reimagine Black possibility by promoting Black mental health as key to legacy-building and longevity for generations to come. 


As a mom, partner, mentor, and a Black woman navigating racism, gender bias and oppression, she embraces the importance of protecting mental health. Dr. Martin is publicly transparent with her own experiences and vulnerabilities because she knows that “healing in public helps those who need to heal in private.” 


Clients and students alike attest that Dr. Martin’s accessible approach to mental health is much-needed and critical to building a movement of proactive and empowered individuals who value the relationship with themselves first and understand how to truly thrive. 


When Dr. Martin speaks, it’s time to listen. Her leadership, expertise and voice are vital to truly protecting Black lives and redefining what it means to live well. Dr. Martin is also the host of the Mind Your Mental podcast and a highly sought-after and renowned public speaker with a rapidly-growing and engaged following. 


Aside from enjoying time with her family, cooking, and reading, she is an avid aficionado of hip-hop, honing her lyrical skills and knowledge with a reason for her rhymes. 

Check in with Dr. Raquel Martin on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

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